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De Waele - Wilwoodii

Since 1927

The Nursery was founded in 1927 and called ‘De Waele & Ackerman'. Today the company is managed by the thirth and fourth generation growers, Hubert and Lode De Waele. All the experience in growing plants passed from generation to generation. Now ‘De Waele-Wilwoodii’ is one of the leading nurseries in Belgium.

In 2012 we have build a brand new nursery of 5 ha in Lochristi (BE), the ‘Greenport’ of Belgium. This new accomodation enabled us to further optimize our different cultures near the centre of plant trading.

The Nursery now has a total area of more than 17 ha of which 70.000m² greenhouses and 100.000m² outdoor culture. This results in an annual production (potted plants) of: 700.000 Chamaecyparis, 400.000  Cupressus, 350.000 Azalea indica, 90.000 Azalea japonica, 70.000 Rhododendron, 140.000 Camellia and 45.000 Pieris, all in different potsizes and the best quality. All our plants are grown with respect for human and nature. Were are proud to have MPS A Certificate for environmentally friendly grown plants.

Because of our good infrastructure, automation and logistic partners, we are able to manage all kind of orders, from local gardening centres to big retailers. Our goal is to relieve our customer where possible.

Our current markets are: UK, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Finland, Poland, Germany, Russia and Austria.

Lode and Frederik


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